What We Do

Strategic project

delivery services

We are dedicated to providing successful project delivery
services on a range of infrastructure projects across all key
sectors. From roads and tunnelling to energy, resources,
mining and utility infrastructure, our skilled team are equipped
to ensure our clients achieve their project outcomes.

Your Project. Our Priority

Project completions

ACOM Group’s project completions team in combination with our in-house completions platform ACOMpletions revolutionises the tracking and reporting of procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning phases of the project. ACOMpletions provides data that is accurate, precise, timely and available across multiple operating systems and can be integrated with many other programs. ACOMpletions can be used in standalone applications to complement existing project completions systems or as an all encompassing project completion platform from design phase to project handover.

Project commissioning

Our agile team plays a critical role in assuring that all systems and components of a project are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the operational requirements of the client. Whilst commissioning is the final project delivery stage, it requires a specialised team of engineers who understand the unique complexities of each project we undertake.


The key to successful operations lies in having the right systems and processes in place. ACOM Group works collaboratively with our clients to ensure a seamless transition from commissioning to operations. We have the proven project delivery systems in place to take responsibility for operations and maintain safety and efficiency standards.


We understand what you want from your assets at every stage of their lifecycle. Our team has the technical knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure your assets run at optimal efficiency with minimal costs, at all times. Our maintenance services cover electrical and instrumentation, mechanical, engineering, construction and safety aspects of an asset, all facilitated through collaboration with our clients.

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Our multidisciplinary capabilities

Electrical & Instrumentation Services

  • Electrical and instrumentation commissioning
  • High voltage testing primary and secondary systems
  • High voltage operations and maintenance
  • High voltage terminations
  • Low voltage distribution commissioning
  • UPS and battery system commissioning
  • Power generation commissioning
  • Instrumentation commissioning
  • Track earthing and bonding
  • Traction power system commissioning
  • Signalling, communications and control commissioning
  • Hazardous area inspections and commissioning (EEHA)

Mechanical Services

  • Flange management - hydraulic tensioning and pneumatic hy-torque
  • Pipe flushing, borescope inspections of large to small-bore pipework
  • Hydrostatic pipework and vessel testing with NATA approved test equipment
  • Mechanical vibration, temperature and velocity analysis
  • Precision laser alignment of all rotating equipment
  • MVAC/HVAC commissioning
  • Pump, gearbox and valve repairs
  • General troubleshooting and solutions delivery
  • Maintenance - routine and emergency

Permit to Work

  • Implementation of ACOM’s software-based PTW system or utilisation of client’s existing platform
  • PTW managers
  • Permit control officers
  • High voltage authority
  • High voltage operators
  • Electrical & mechanical isolators
  • Shutdown isolation strategy development
  • Notice of energisation procedure management
  • PTW / LOTO training

Engineering Services

  • Strategic commissioning management plan development
  • Inspection and test plan design and development
  • Development of acceptance criteria for contract requirements
  • Work instructions preparation
  • Project procurement
  • Drawing and document control
  • Project planning
  • Development of O&M manuals

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